Sunday, September 22, 2019
Earn While You Learn Parenting Program

The Earn While You Learn Parenting Program is about Relationship, Responsibility and Reward. The program is free and open to any parent-to-be or with children up to toddler age.

With each session parents earn material aid rewards and points (Care Bucks) that can be used to purchase needed items from ‘Hazel’s Closet’ (coming soon).

Ways to learn & earn:

  • Circle of Friends Parenting class – for pregnant first time moms. This is a group class and is held on Monday evenings for 8 consecutive weeks, in the spring and fall.
  • Road to Fatherhood Parenting class – goes along with Circle of Friends. These classes can be done independently.
  • HUGS (Helping U Grow Strong) – for any parent with children.
  • Circle of Friends Daytime Classes – first time mom’s scheduling independently during office hours.

The Center also offers classes for parents who have been mandated by the Court or Children’s Services.

Download for Parenting Class Agency Assessment

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